create your own flash screensaver

Convert flash swf to a screensaver


Just upload your flash (swf) file and create your individual flash screensaver for free. You will get a complete Installer with your screensaver.


Flash Screensaver


upload swf and convert it to a screensaver


flash screensaver for free

create your own adobe flash screensaver for free, with custom setup engine with your swf file.
Try out now!

works on 2000 | xp | vista | windows 7

converting flash files to screensavers


flashsaver goes online

create your own flash screensaver!

upload your flash animation and create your own screensaver with full customizable setup routine.
use our starting offer to test our services now!

works on 2000 | xp | vista | windows 7
This service is provided by Rheinschmiede Webdesign and Werbewas Werbeartikel.

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